A Ford dealer in Hardeeville, SC has begun airing an ad that contains what many consider a racist remark against the Japanese. O.C. Welch, the dealership's owner, claims in the ad entitled "Wake Up America" that Japanese vehicles like those made by Toyota are "rice ready... not road ready." OK, we don't even know what that means, but it's clear that many Japanese-Americans are not pleased with the dealer's remarks. Welch, however, apparently couldn't care less and claims the ad, which is one of five new promotions launched by his dealership yesterday, have a 96% approval rating. Referring to Japanese cars as "rice" actually began in the tuner culture, and usually refers to highly modified Japanese sport compacts that have more show than go.
Welch also asks in his advertisement why vehicles made by Toyota don't have that new car smell. We didn't know this was the case, but someone should tell Welch that the smell he loves so much actually comes from plastic dashboard pieces giving off toxic gas. Perhaps he should stop sniffing glove boxes before he makes marketing decisions. You can check out a video after the jump from a local TV news station that features clips from the ad in question as well as an interview of Welch, who comes off as just the greatest guy ever.

[Source: The Detroit News, YouTube]

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