Kia not slowing down 2009 Auto show plans, lots of debuts coming

Click above for more detail shots of the Kia Forte

Despite the downbeat news out of Motown, good things are on the way from some of the transplants. Kia, in particular, is feeling pretty upbeat these days and is the only automaker that's decided to throw a holiday shin-dig in Detroit (so far) this year. While Honda and Nissan have cancelled plans for press conferences at the Detroit Auto Show, Kia will have debut new models in the Motor City, as well as in Chicago and New York. Fedorak told us that a brand new concept would be unveiled in Detroit while the US version of the compact Forte sedan will be shown in Chicago. Fedorak also promised something new for New York, but didn't give up any hints.

But one no show to the party was the Kia Soul. Immediately after the LA Auto Show, the Soul was packed on a truck and sent off in the general direction of Detroit. Unfortunately, a large snow bank ambushed the truck somewhere in the western states, causing it to run late and miss the party.

[Source: Kia]

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