Click above for more high-res images of the production Fisker Karma

We got a pretty good look of the rear three-quarter view of the production Fisker Karma on Tuesday, but that was the only image we could find at the time of the new solar-roofed extended-range electric vehicle. It seems that the front of the production Karma is the most important to see, since the mustachioed grille is arguably the controversial styling feature, so we managed to get an image from the new automaker that shows off its newly-reworked face as well. We also get an early look at lies beneath - an aluminum space frame chassis.

Up front, that intake does appear to be just a wee bit larger in production form, and we think everything looks just peachy. In fact, we've always thought that the low-slung Fisker sedan was a looker. We can also clearly see that the GM-sourced 2.0L direct-injected and turbocharged Ecotec engine will exhale through ports just aft of the front wheels. Other than that, everything looks just as we expected based on the styling buck that was shown off in Detroit last January. We're expecting Fisker to bring its finalized Karma back to Detroit next month where we'll get a much better view of the car's slight changes.

[Source: Automotive News - sub. req'd]

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