All car sales in the UK have tanked in recent months just as they have here in the US market. Perhaps more surprisingly, sales of electric cars - which had been doing relatively well, especially in London - took a nosedive. Aside from the general economic malaise, changes in the London congestion zone have had an impact. As cars that emit less than 120 g/km of CO2 have become exempt from the congestion charge, more buyers have opted for cars like the VW Polo BlueMotion and Smart ForTwo CDi. Also playing a part in the drop have been concerns about safety with the battery powered quadricycles like the G-Wiz. A reversal in the policy of not charging EVs for parking in London has also contributed to the decline. The Nice Car Company that was offering electric cars recently declared bankruptcy. Perhaps when some newer electric cars that actually pass automotive safety standards such as the Th!nk go on sale in the next year or so, sales will recover.

[Source: What Car?]

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