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There's not been any lack of information on these pages recently about the MINI E, but there's one question that still needs an answer: how do you get your hands on one? We know that only 500 of these all-electric cars will be leased at $850 a month and that they'll only be available to people in the greater New York and LA metro areas. The way to get on BMW's list is by signing up at the MINI E site and answering some interesting questions. What questions does BMW want to know about you? Well, Steve Levy over at Autofiends found out that the questions include asking you if you have an iPhone and if you can complete Gustav Kirchhoff's Circuit Law along with more standard fare like which three historical figures you'd like to take on a road trip and which inventions you can't live without. If you're interested in telling BMW these details about yourself, you have until Dec. 10th to apply.

[Source: Autofiends]

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