Daimler has been testing electric smart fortwos for a little while now, and the cars have been switched over from sodium-based batteries to newer lithium ion units in the last few months. Hopefully, at some point, all of this various testing will result in electric fortwos intended for public consumption. That day may be far off into the future. In fact, it could take a full three-years before Daimler is ready to put its electric smart into production - and at twice the price of the standard fortwo. We find that a little excessive, considering that electric vehicles are currently in production, including the recently announced MINI E. Technically, electric vehicles have been around since the early 1900s, so its definitely possible to get one into production by now. Even if Daimler isn't able to make any money on them, it seems that it would be better to at least get the EVs into the real world at a loss. We also think it's high time to bring the micro-hybrid system to America.

[Source: Verdict on Cars]

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