What's bad for the Detroit-based automakers seems to be not only bad for the city of Detroit, but for its auto show as well. Mitsubishi has announced they will not be in attendance at this years affair in an effort, they said, to cut cost during the present sales slump. Interestingly, they are still planning on hitting up the New York and Chicago shows later on in the year. Huh, Chicago trumps Detroit?

They will be joining a pretty distinguished list of other car companies to jump from the Detroit ship. Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, Land Rover and Porsche won't be there. Neither will their compatriots from Suzuki Motor Corp.. Perhaps with all this freed-up floor space the powers-that-be will have to have to let some Chinese companies, like BYD with its electric cars and Volt-competitor plug-in hybrids, out of the basement. Maybe they should make a deal with a few of America's green up-and-comers like Aptera or Tesla to display some excitement-generating product. GM's new pal Fisker Automotive would probably love to bring a bit of good Karma to Detroit Auto Show again. However it all goes down, we'll be there to cover all the green angles.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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