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Last week, NBC was apparently pushing a green agenda with a set of PSA-style announcements from its various celebrities and personalities. The entertainment company coined the videos "Green Your Routine" clips and appears to have played them throughout their its regularly scheduled programming. Conan O'Brien got into the game with a typically humorous take on the concept, suggesting that people consider walking instead of driving to work if they happen to live relatively close by. Unfortunately, Conan claims that he's a bit too conspicuous (read: famous) to follow his own suggestion. It's worth a laugh, so we've pasted the video after the break.

After Conan's PSA, Max Weinberg of the Max Weinbert 7 and formerly of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band recorded his own Green Your Routine sketch, where he made some interesting suggestions on how to save some extra energy at home. Watch it... your kids are sure to thank you.

[Source: Conan O'Brien / Huffington Post]


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