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It makes pretty good sense for Audi to launch a diesel version of its A3 compact hatch here in the States. Since it uses the same platform as the Rabbit and Jetta, the 2.0L TDI is a sure-fire fit behind the A3's huge front grille. In fact, we've driven the A3 with that exact engine a few times already, notably while we were participating in the Audi Mileage Marathon a few weeks ago. Volkswagen has already certified its 140 horsepower oil-burner for sale here in the United States, so that's one more gigantic and expensive hurdle that wouldn't need to be crossed. Popular Mechanics recently sat down with officials from the German automaker and Audi's head of powertrain development Wolfganag Hatz confirmed that an unspecified Auti automobile would join the Q7 on our shores equipped with a diesel engine as early as next Spring. Sounds good to us.

[Source: Popular Mechanics]

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