Today's lame-duck Congressional meeting is going to be an important one for Detroit automakers, with House Democrats working on a $25 billion bailout proposal. Passion is high on both sides of the bailout argument, and Democrats are looking to toughen up a bill to help gain crucial votes needed for passage. Among the items being discussed is a taxpayer stake in any assisted automaker, additional restructuring and stiff restrictions on executive pay.

House Republican Richard Shelby is one of many leaders likely to vote against the bill no matter what stipulations are added. The Alabama Republican called Detroit Automakers "dinosaurs" that need to start over. He also called for management to go, but he stated that he wouldn't support a bill even if they did. Michigan Democrat Senator Carl Levin suggested that if GM CEO Rick Wagoner had to step down to guarantee aid, he should consider it. GM is pleading for a bridge loan both in Washington and on YouTube, where the automaker released a four-minute video explaining the importance of its industry.

President-Elect Barak Obama also chimed in on the automaker bailout situation on 60 Minutes Sunday, stating that the loss of Detroit Automakers would be a disaster for the country. Obama also insisted that any loan can't be a "blank check," and that industry leaders, labor, suppliers, lenders, and stakeholders needed to agree on a long term solution that shows that loans aren't merely delaying the domestic industry's demise.

[Source: Automotive News - Sub. Req.]

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