Rendered Speculation: Lexus dedicated hybrid sedan

Click above to enlarge the Lexus HS250h rendering

Lexus is set to invade the Detroit Auto Show in January with a duo of dedicated hybrid models. One of these machines will be a Lexus-ified version of Toyota's latest third-gen Prius, while the second model is still shrouded in mystery. A Japanese magazine known as Mag-X has rendered what they think the new Lexus hybrid sedan will look like, along with providing a few helpful hints on what we could expect to see underhood. The rumors suggest that the model will be badged the HS250h, which would normally indicate an engine displacing around 2.5-liters, but Lexus has a history of inflating the assumed displacement of its hybrid car's names, so we wonder if the Japanese mag got it right when they metnion a 2.4-liter engine.

Mag-X also suggests that the 2011 Camry hybrid will get a new Hybrid Synergy Drive system inherited from the new 2010 Prius. We're looking forward to a hybrid sedan face-off between the new Ford Fusion and the revised Camry. Early bets?

[Source: VW Vortex]

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