The world's fastest lorries. That's what Ettore Bugatti once reportedly called Bentleys. Of course, that was long before the two companies fell under common ownership of ze Germans, when Bugatti's own engine was itself used for a locomotive. But Bugatti's derisive summation of his erstwhile arch-rival may be coming full circle.

For its recent Bentley Worldwide Conference, the luxury automaker chartered a first-class Pullman train car to transport its best customers and top dealers in comfort and style from London to its headquarters in Crewe. The two-and-a-half-hour ride was catered with meals by famous chef Anton Mosimann and proved to be a big success. So big, in fact, that Bentley is now considering going full time with the train service to bring customers up to the factory from London to specify their trim and color options. There are several luxury trains available for charter in England, but we think it'd be much cooler if Bentley were to commission its own rail cars and decorate each compartment in different interior trim options available on its road cars. How about a Mulliner-spec Caboose? We'll just have to sit tight to see what Bentley decides to offer its poshest of clientele, but in the meantime you can check out the press release after the jump.

[Source: Train Chartering via Luxist]


Train Chartering's private charter for Bentley Motors

27th October 2008
Train Chartering supplied Bentley Motors with an exclusive First Class Pullman charter train between London and Crewe. Bentley's international dealer network and invited customers travelled to and from their Crewe factory, with onboard dining by Anton Mosimann.

The private train has First Class air-conditioned intercity carriages. The coaches, with panoramic windows, sound-proofing, good suspension, armchair seats and full-size tables created a comfortable environment for Pullman dining and good conversation.

Bentley required a first class travel and dining experience featuring the renowned chef Anton Mosimann for their international dealers and most important customers as an integral part of the Bentley 2008 Worldwide Conference. They therefore briefed selected event organisers.

Train Chartering supported the agencies in tendering for Bentley's business, and then further developed a close relationship with both end-client and the winning agency. This is a familiar process for Train Chartering, which has been supplying charters to corporate and private clients for over 10 years.

The journey went smoothly; the return run being quite possibly close to a record for a private charter train. Crewe to Euston in 2½hrs is an exceptional travel time, comparable with the fastest scheduled intercity services.

270 passengers all enjoyed a typical full cooked breakfast outbound provided by the train caterers. People from all over the world enjoy this quintessentially British meal on the charters operated by Train Chartering. Despite the fast journey, caterers delivered a 3-course dinner on the return.

One delegate from Bentley France commented that the level of onboard service was to Bentley standards.

Simon Pielow of Train Chartering is very pleased, "This is a considerable compliment from someone who sells Bentley motor cars to a demanding clientele. He knows about good service and, being French, fine dining."

He adds, "The Bentley Train with its high-profile passengers and excellent service underlines what we have been saying for over 10 years - a private train is the best way to travel on earth!"

Train Chartering has a stable of luxury train offerings, which also includes Private Rail Cars and the Luxury Train Club. The Bentley Train was sympathetically branded however Soundwave Express illustrates the ultimate themed and branded train. Transport Charter offers multi-modal passenger charter options for when a train is not appropriate.

The Train Chartering group is expert in the provision of luxury transport options, primarily in the UK, Europe or the USA; the client chooses hotels and other travel elements. This allows the focus to be on the crucial and often under-planned supply of transportation, preferably exclusively by rail or by other means.

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