Click either image for a hi-res gallery of the Andros XTM and XTR

Looking at the Andros XTR, we're reminded of the Ferrari California we just drove in Sicily. But while the Ferrari was just unveiled at the Paris Motor Show last month, the Andros actually made its debut in concept form several years ago at SEMA. Prophetic? Maybe, but Andros says they drew inspiration from classic Ferraris, as well as Aston Martins, Jaguars and Maseratis. Either way, it's a compelling design... for a kit car.

Based on the C6 Corvette, the Andros is part of a revival of the time-honored tradition of rebodying Vettes in Italian-style coachwork (check out Pininfarina's take) that has included such recent examples as the Castagna Aznom and Spada Codatronca. In addition to the XTM roadster, the Andros is also available in XTR coupe and XTS targa bodystyles, with panels made from carbon fiber and select steel chassis components replaced by aluminum and magnesium pieces. An available supercharger boosts power from the LS2 pushrod V8 up to 600 horsepower, with optional exhaust, induction and airflow sensor components good for another 15 horses apiece. With Corvette reliability, nearly 650 available horsepower and classic European styling, the Andros presents a compelling package... for a kit car. Check out the images in our gallery below for all the angles.


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