Anteros XTR and XTR Targa debuting at SEMA

Last year's SEMA show saw the debut of the Anteros XTR Convertible (shown at right), but we've had to wait 365 whole days for the debut of the XTR (shown above) and XTR Targa. The entire Anteros line up is based on Corvette C6/Z06 running gear and wrapped in a body that evokes every smoldering sports car that's come out of Europe during the past fifty years (Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin anyone?). The engine is supercharged and said to produce from 550 to 650 horsepower depending on the spec you choose. The XTR coupe, for instance, will get a top spec motor making 650 hp, while the Targa will make do with 550 hp. The cars start under $100,000, which isn't a tragic price to pay for something totally unique and hopefully as dependable as the stellar production car on which it's based. We'll make sure to check out the new Anteros line up in person at the SEMA show in a couple of weeks.

Follow the jump for a rendering of the XTR Targa and more pics of the XTR Convertible.

[Source: Anteros Marketing via Winding Road]

Anteros XTR Targa

Anteros XTR Convertible

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