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Want fries with that? Place your order at any fast-food hamburger chain and you can expect to get that question. But for a more sizable purchase – say, a Ferrari – deep-fried potatoes aren't going to cut it. That's where Vertu comes along. The premium mobile phone maker owned by Nokia has already established itself among premium sportscar buyers with a number of special editions of their automotive-inspired Ascent range, including their Racetrack Legends series, and with Ferrari enthusiasts specifically with the special Ferrari Challenge edition. That was followed by the Vertu Ascent Ferrari 60, celebrating the company's 60th anniversary, an additional Ferrari 1947 edition, and has now been supplanted by the new Ferrari Ascent Ti.

While the previous versions were based on the aging Ascent, the new Ferrari model starts life as the newly updated Ascent Ti, which features both quad-band GSM and WCDMA radios for use around the world, Bluetooth, Micro-USB, 3MP auto-focus flash camera and four gigs of storage, all encased in a titanium chassis with a sapphire crystal display and stainless-steel keys. The Ferrari edition further upgrades the package with PVD coating and a battery cover styled after a Ferrari's hood, complete with three-dimensional Prancing Horse logo. Each of the three editions – in Nero (black), Rosso (red) and Giallo (yellow) – will only be produced in limited numbers, so don't be surprised to see some dealers charging a considerable premium for the ultimate side-order to serve alongside a tasty Ferrari road car. Thanks for the tip, JW!


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