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Caterham is making a new sportscar. But we can't tell you what it is, because you haven't designed it yet.

The British sportscar company has made its name by producing the Super 7 of Lotus fame long after Lotus had moved on. They've made a whole basketful of versions since, but it all boils down to that bare-bones, long-nose, cabin-over-rear-axle design. The format has legions of faithful fans around the world, but Caterham is preparing to move on with a second range to accompany the 7, and is opening up the design process to user submissions. The project is being undertaken in conjunction with Project Splitwheel, an open-source collaborative project that seeks to combine the efforts of gearheads around the world into one resource. Interesting idea, and Caterham is committed to producing at least a working prototype of the final design. The project kicks off in January, with the first prototype scheduled to debut sometime in 2010. Follow the jump to watch a brief explanatory video, or the link to Splitwheel's website for more info.

  • Image Credit: Caterham

[Source: Project Splitwheel via Autocar]

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