It sounds like a match made in heaven. A new duo of sedans styled by Aston Martin with Mercedes-Benz engineering prowess propping them up. Assuming that these two automakers can get their next super-sedans bolted together well enough, the first sedan from the recently-revived Lagonda brand and the next Maybach may be jointly designed by the two companies, which just recently began collaborating with each other. Early reports indicate that the two premium saloons would be based on the latest S-Class chassis architecture, with the Maybach brand getting the most luxurious accouterments and the Lagonda holding the sporty end of the stick.

Powertrain options for these two luxury vehicles would come from Daimler as a revised version of the V12 engine that currently powers the Maybach limos and which may even by hybridized. The jointly developed super saloons would theoretically cut the development time and budget for each by significant amounts, assuming that these two sets of management can find a way to work together. We have high hopes.

[Source: Autocar]

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