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The only time you'd normally put a Ford Transit Connect van together with Piloti racing shoes is if the van in question were delivering them, or there were a 1-make van racing series... which sounds kind of cool now that we think about it. But take those two, add H&R Springs and what you've got is a SEMA-specific combination.

H&R did its usual, dropping the Transit Connect over a set of 19-inch wheels, and then Piloti finished the interior in a steel and microsuede wonderland topped off by a wooden shift knob and two creepy baby shoes hanging from the rearview mirror. You can check out the press release after the jump, and that wild speaker setup in the gallery of high-res images below.


Ford Transit Connect Concept by H&R Special Springs, LP

The award-winning Transit Connect has established a reputation as the best small cargo van in Europe. In the summer of 2009 this segment busting versatile workhorse will be coming to America.

H&R has taken the popular Ford Transit Connect, redefined it into a get-up-and-go stylin' street van like no other. Their Transit Connect has been lowered 3 inches in the front, and 4 inches in the rear, enhancing the visual impact of the huge 19-inch tires and wheels. Piloti shoes drew on their design expertise to create a unique interior that employs fine high fashion materials showcasing a palette of colors and textures with the finest workmanship. This unique treatment of a breakthrough vehicle explores the range of customization possibilities for Transit Connect.

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