We've known for some time that Hybrid Technologies was planning on bringing an electric supercar to the Progressive Automotive X Prize but now comes word that they're also bringing it to a lucky Sam's Club shopper. And by "lucky" we mean wealthy, since the super-sized price tag on this "supercar" is $100,000. That's a little less than what a Tesla Roadster goes for these days but it's enough money to buy about 10 Nissan Versas. It's not the first time the North Carolina-based company has worked with Sam's Club to offer a one-off electric car deal. Heck, the big box store even featured a converted Hybrid Technolgies MINI conversion in their Christmas catalogue last year, but this offer does give us some pause.

Although we don't see the opportunity to drive your purchase on a racetrack in Los Angeles (first-class by air and fancy hotel for two included) as a difficult hurdle to overcome, the stated top speed of 150 mph is a different story. Not to mention the claimed 200 mile range. Of course, this car could feature the "superlattice" battery that Hybrid Technologies was touting before handing it off to sister company, Superlattice Power, that we told you about in a somewhat cynical, unbelieving tone some time ago. It's not that we wouldn't be surprised if they delivered a vehicle that met those stats. We'd be shocked. However, if you're loaded with cash to burn and want to see our hair stand on end, the offer officially begins on the 12th of this month. Good luck.

[Source: Sam's Club via Jalopnik]

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