Hybrid Technologies to enter electric supercar in Automotive X Prize

Hybrid Technologies, the company which offers the (not very popular) electric Mini Cooper and the all electric L1X-7 sports car, has announced plans to enter the Progressive Automotive X Prize. The vehicle that they will be entering looks to be an extremely sporty vehicle, and would compete in the mainstream category, meaning that it must offer at least four seats. That's two more than the Tesla Roadster, for those keeping count of such things. Two versions of the vehicle are said to be in the works, one extended-range electric-vehicle which would offer 220 miles per gallon to go along with its 150 to 180 mile range and a fully electric version which would sell for a cheaper price. Considering the cost of HT's current vehicles, though, we're not holding our breath for a rock-bottom figure.

We have no real details on what would power either vehicle, though Popular Mechanics' report indicates that HT's Ron Cerven is predicting very wild things from the vehicle. Power levels over that of the incredible new Corvette ZR1 are being thrown around. With talk like that, we'd love to see a real product roll out of the Hybrid Technologies factory, something that is planned to take place this September.

[Source: Popular Mechanics, thanks for the tip, Doug!]

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