Doh! Aston Martin owner finds Volvo logo on key

One of the perks Aston Martin enjoyed while under the ownership of Ford was the use of the Blue Oval's parts bin to cut costs. Save for some switchgear and nav systems, only a few items were visible to the customer. At least that's the idea. Edward Legge, general manager of Rio Prestige hire, received a damaged key fob from a rented V8 Vantage that gave him and his team quite a surprise. The person borrowing the luxury GT somehow damaged the rich leather covering the fob, revealing a Volvo logo underneath. It wasn't a Volvo stamp in the plastic or a small, blocked out Volvo logo. Nope, this was a fully decorated Volvo key that nobody bothered to disguise. That's not something the owner of a $120,000 V8 Vantage wants to see.

The new owners of Aston Martin will point out that they're switching to the fancy shmancy "Emotion Control Unit" glass-block keys from the DBS. We'd say that's a pretty good idea, considering people wait in line for months or even years for the chance to own a car that can cost upwards of $300,000. But as far as we're concerned, every Aston could be started with one of those colored keys from the local hardware store and it wouldn't much matter to us. It's still an Aston Martin and it's still automotive porn.

[Source: CAR Magazine]

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