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Recent news that the G8 may never see a design cycle had us worried that the sport truck version of the RWD Pontiac may never see the light of day. GM has shot down any rumors concerning the demise of the G8, and Pontiac spokesman Jim Hopson told our friend Mike Levine at that the ST model is running on schedule, too. That's certainly good news, but unfortunately it'll be another full year before we see the ute-tastic pickup at your local dealer.

Hopson also provided a reasonable expectation of the G8 ST's pricing. The 6.0L V8 model will hit your pocket book in the "low $30,000 range," which is right in line with what you'll pay for a G8 GT today. Hopson also touched on the rumored V6 version of the ST, saying that the odds were in favor of the more efficient powerplant going under-hood. It seems like it has already been too long since we first laid eyes on the G8 ST, and waiting another full year will be tough. At least we know Pontiac's incognito Holden will be reasonably priced when if finally gets here.

[Source: Pickuptrucks]

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