The NFL season is clearly out of control, Audi just crossed the country in a bunch of diesels you can't buy here, and GM wants to "merge" with Chrysler. But it's not just America that's home to the madness: Ferrari might leave F1, Mitsuoka is selling this thing for €70,000, and today, for a brief moment, Volkswagen was the most valuable company in the entire world based on market capitalization. The reason: Porsche announced it would up its stake in the company to 75-percent. That blasted VW's €210 euro-per-share price up to €1,000 per share, making it more valuable than ExxonMobil and giving Ferdinand Piech reason to start practicing some lines from Scarface. The shares ended the day at €643, which is still pretty good for paper that could be had for less than €200 just about a month ago... Thanks for the tip, Kris!

[Source: Seeking Alpha]

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