While we've been fretting how low gas prices could slow development of alternative fuel technologies, our friends at TUAW have found a real upside to cheap gas: free software. Thanks to a brash pronouncement by CodeWeavers CEO Jeremy White back in July, CodeWeavers will allow people to download one of the company's programs for free, today only. White offered the programs under the stipulation that the lame duck President Bush needed to achieve one of five goals, including bringing the price of gas in Minneapolis (where CodeWeavers is based) down to $2.79 a gallon. I guess this is one of those Mission Accomplished moments.
The three programs are for Mac and Linux users only. CrossOver Mac lets Mac users run Windows software, CrossOver Games is designed for Windows games on a Mac and CrossOver Linux puts Windows apps on your Linux box. You won't be able to buy a PHEV any quicker, but at least you might get something from the low pump prices.

Watch White make his offer/challenge after the jump.

[Source: Minneapolis Star-Tribune via TUAW]

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