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The Giugiaro Mustang concept has been around since the 2006 LA Auto Show, and damn if it doesn't still look great. In fact, spy photos of the next-gen Mustang show plenty of Giugiaro cues, especially at the front end. It makes sense, then, that the Fabrizio Giugiaro-designed pony car concept has been out on the street being driven since its debut. Last year, Mr.Giugiaro messed up a rim while (poorly) parking his creation in Bulgaria, and we just found this YouTube video from last February of the Italian Stallion doing donuts in a parking lot. Based on our experience, most concept cars don't even run under their own power, and those that do are usually limited to low speeds. That is to say, concept cars aren't usually seen doing donuts in a parking lot. Follow the jump to view the rubber-ripping video for yourself, and if you speak the language of the yahoos behind the camera, let the rest of us know what they're saying. Thanks for the tip, Mike!

[Source: YouTube]

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