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The A123-powered Killacycle crew are at it again and this time it's for keepsies. Although they've been making similarly speedy runs down the quarter-mile strip for some time, on the 23rd of October at the Bandimere Speedway they dotted their i's and crossed their t's to set an official Nedra record. Their result of 7.89 seconds at 168 mph not only gives them the record for fastest electric motorcycle ever but also fastest electric anything ever and yanks that crown from the Altairnano-sponsored, Dennis Berube-driven Current Eliminator V.

The Killacycle crew credited some of their success to the track prep by the guys at Bandimere Speedway who worked hard to deny any slippage of their M&H Racemaster backtire during takeoff despite cranking over 1850 amps of current to each of the two motors. They also give props to Jim Husted from Hi-Torque Electric who helped prepare those motors to handle that flood of energy. Even despite his efforts, though, one did fail on the record-setting run. Of course the person actually holding onto the handlebars (for dear life!), Scotty Pollacheck, deserves kilotons of kudos. If you want to help celebrate their success we noticed while perusing the official Killacycle website that they now have official Killacycle t-shirts. Check out all the captured-on-video record-setting action after the jump.

[Source: Killacycle]

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