Dennis Berube breaks his own electric drag racing record again

Just two weeks after setting an NHRA record for electric dragsters in Whittman, AZ Dennis "Kilowatt " Berube moved on to Tucson, AZ, and did it again. Berube ran 153.6 mph in the quarter mile in Whittman and then turned around and ran 159.65 mph with a 7.956 second elapsed time. His Current Eliminator V is powered by Altairnano lithium titanate batteries. Berube has been racing battery powered dragsters for 17 years. At the track, Berube does quick charges on his battery packs with a modified Miller Electric welding generator. The generator has been reworked to up the output from 12,000W to 18,000W allowing the $200,000 battery to be charged in 15 minutes. That allows him to make up to 10 runs down the strip per day.

[Source: Altairnano]

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