Big Bob Lutz said that GM declaring bankruptcy is "out of the question." Of course, that was two years ago, when things like a $25 billion government loan would have sounded ludicrous. That was also before the auto industry mess got messier, and in order to stay true to those words today, GM is doing whatever it has to do to find money to stay in business. It heard Chrysler has an $11 billion piggy bank and a couple of jewels (Jeep and minivans) and GM said "Come here, girl! Lemme holla at you for a minute!"
Now GM is looking at its own international stable, and has its eye on China as a source of stopgap revenue for its North American operations. We've posted before on the fact that GM's international operations aren't doing too badly, and GM China sold 11.5 million vehicles last year -- more than any other manufacturer there. This year, it expects China sales volume to grow by 11- to 12-percent, and that means yuan in the bank.

Lutz said of the China move, "We do not rule out such a possibility under current conditions." These are hard times, but -- just like the good ones -- they're temporary, and GM just needs a little help to get to payday. Using money from one of your branches makes perfect sense to us. What doesn't make perfect sense is that China will get the Cruze the same time as Europe, in early '09, while we in the U.S. have to wait years in line for a car that we've been screaming for. Ah, GM, what are we going to do with you?

[Source: Gasgoo]

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