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SUV sales are down - way down - when compared to the market boom from a few years back. It's the biggest of the breed that is suffering the most, with large, luxurious models selling in mere fractions of their peak, and trends indicate that buyers are willing to downsize a bit in order to save some money when it comes time to refill the thirsty beasts. In fact, 61-percent of buyers polled who had downsized to a smaller 'ute say that poor fuel economy is "a problem." We're not sure about that other 39-percent... Still, a recent study from AutoPacific indicates that automakers had better not scrimp on the details when they drop down a size or three. Power features, third-row seats and backup cameras are all, apparently, necessities. Of course, this presents a bit of a conundrum for automakers. All those luxury features add complexity and weight, which reduces fuel economy. As the old saying goes, you can't have your cake and eat it too.

[Source: AutoPacific via Green Car Advisor]

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