Tavullia, Italy to lower speed limit in honor of Valentino Rossi

It seems a bit odd at first glance that Tavullia, the Italian city with a population of just 7,180 that counts eight-time MotoGP champion (including this year's World Championship) Valentino Rossi as its most famous son, would actually lower the town's speed limits in the racer's honor. After all, Rossi makes his living going as fast as possible. But, according to an unnamed spokesman for the local council, "He is the town's most famous son... Changing the speed limit is a fitting tribute to a man who has made his fame and fortune entirely out of his skills on the road." Whatever. The speed limit will go from its current 50 kilometers per hour to 46 kph, which just so happens to be Rossi's racing number. The town also expresses its gratitude to its favorite inhabitant for paying it some £500,000 in what the city claimed were back-taxes.
[Source: AutoMotoPortal.com]

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