Click above for high-res gallery of the Romero Britto Audi RS4

We know first hand that the current 2008 Audi RS4 is epically awesome, but a new A4 has arrived for 2009 and following that in 2010 will be an all-new RS4 with either a carry-over V8 or supercharged V6. The dilemma for dealers is how to move the current $67,000 super sport sedan when the new ones aren't that far off. An enterprising dealer in Miami has commissioned the help of renowned pop artist Romero Britto to do up an RS4 in his trademark cartoonish art style. The car is sitting outside under the Florida sun in front of this dealership where it was spotted by a pair of editors from They make a point to mention that the pop art RS4 is not just a vinyl wrap, but an honest to goodness hand painted job by the sought after artist whose paintings and pop art pieces go for big bucks on the art scene. We admit, the unique RS4 certainly attracts the eye, but we'd rather have one painted in plain old Avus Silver. Thanks for the tip, philippe!

[Source: TopSpeed]

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