Mazda 2

If you think that 68hp for the Mazda 2 1.4-liter diesel isn't enough power, here's good news: Mazda has announced that the 2 will get the 1.6-liter 90hp diesel that you can find in the Fiesta, the European Fusion, and several PSA models. Torque on the 1.6L is rated at 205 Nm (151 lb-ft), so the little subcompact will improve its acceleration figures, which are currently a sluggish 0 to 100 km/h (62mph) in 11.4 seconds. What remains at a good level is fuel consumption, rated at 4.2 l/100km (56mpg U.S.) while CO2 emissions are kept at 112 g/km. Not bad. Prices for the revamped 2 have not yet been announced.

[Source: Autoweek Netherlands (via Le Blog Auto)]

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