Back in 1993, member goldlady77 imported the electric car you see above from Miami to Germany. Fast forward 15 years and the car is now ready for a new home. Similar to the old CitiCar, this boxy EV was designed for mail carrier duties (hence the right hand drive) and is likely the only vehicle of its type in Germany. One ironic angle is that the owner needed to install a gas heater in the car to defrost the windows thanks to motor vehicle requirements back in the day (all of this info is taken from the item description). There are 1,300 kilometers on the odometer, but the batteries haven't been charged in many years. Also, you'll need to inflate the tires.

There are two days left in the auction and the bidding is up to $1,490 U.S. Other details are available at the eBay site, and if you're thinking of buying this vehicle but can't read the German, just post a comment and I'll translate further. For now, I'll assume that if you're interested in this car, you're in Germany and can decipher the caveats. Actually, perhaps the former owner in Miami wants the car back now? Thanks to Max S. for the tip!

[Source: eBay]

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