Electric. Hybrid. Plug-in Hybrid, clean diesel and hydrogen fuel cells. With so many differing types of green technology fighting for the chance to lure the green from your pocketbook, you may wonder which of these fuel-saving technologies will end up the winner. Well, that depends on who you ask. Clean diesel holds some promise, and there is a good chance that diesel will make a big push in the next few years. Still, in America, it's the hybrid that's making the biggest splash at the moment, and PHEVs and electric cars seem to be next. Alex Molinaroli, president of Johnson Controls' Power Solutions business (makers of lithium ion batteries), sees things staying as they are. Because there are only so many development dollars to spend, major automakers will need to pick a technology and stick with it, he argues, and that dominant technology will be hybrid cars and, eventually, fully electric cars. What's your take?
[Source: Reuters]

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