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Imagine riding along in your family's car as a kid. Your hand is out the window and slicing through the air as you explore the concepts of drag and lift. As a child you might work that hand to rise and fall around the objects on the horizon, dodging treetops and ducking below bridges in the distance. Some German students apparently had this experience, and now they've taken that basic premise and added more cowbell. The result is Carcade, a scrolling video game concept that uses a webcam and laptop to scan the view out your car window and use it as the interactive background for a spaceship adventure. It recognizes and uses the objects in the view out your window as obstacles, instantly incorporating them into the action. It even adjusts game play speed according to vehicle speed. It's all pretty amazing work by the crew of Andreas Nicolas Fischer, Martin Kim Luge and Korbinian Polk. Watch the Carcade demo after the jump and let us know if you wouldn't have liked to waste away your family's road trip playing this game.

[Source: Carcade via Jalopnik]

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