I wonder just how much money and time has been spent by national organizations promoting flexfuel vehicles - even though we all know that E85 fuel is pretty hard to find. Whatever the calculation, we need to add in the cost of a new F150 crew cab flexible-fuel vehicle (around $36,000) and a year's worth of E85 (around $6,000). This was a bonus prize awarded to the Dirk Devries family in Minnesota, which recently won ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The local Dave Syverson Ford is providing the vehicle and the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council (EPIC), along with local POET biorefineries, is providing the biofuel. According to the local paper, the Devries family hasn't had it easy recently and a friend of the family submitted their story to the TV show for consideration. Along with a new home, a new truck might make things better for them. We'll see how they feel when they have to pay to fill it up next year.

[Source: Ethanol Promotion and Information Council]


Flex-Fuel Vehicle and Year's Supply of E85 Donated to Extreme Makeover Recipient in Minnesota

Ethanol Industry, EPIC and Local Community Band Together to Aid Devries Family

ALBERT LEA, Minn., Oct. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- It was far from a closely guarded secret that the Dirk Devries family of Albert Lea, Minn. would be the recipients of a new home -- courtesy of ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. But the good news just keeps coming.

The POET Biorefining facilities located in Glenville, Hanlontown, Preston, Lake Crystal, and Bingham Lake, Minn. in conjunction with the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council (EPIC) and Dave Syverson Ford, joined together to give the Devries family a brand new F150 crew cab flexible-fuel vehicle (FFV) valued at nearly $36,000 on Tuesday, October 7, 2008 during the filming of the show.

In addition, the biorefining facilities along with EPIC presented the family with a year's worth of E85, valued at $6,000. The family will be able to use their E85 fuel card at the local Freeborn County Coop Oil Company. E85 is a blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline and can only be used in a FFV. There are nearly 7 million FFVs on the road today.

"The community has really rallied around this event," said Rick Mummert, general manager of POET Biorefining - Glenville. "Citizens and businesses have contributed to make this a great experience for all those involved. It's an example of the true American spirit."

Minnesota is considered a trailblazer in the renewable fuels arena, with 19 ethanol plants throughout the state, with a combined capacity of more than 850 million gallons a year. Minnesota is also home to more than 330 retail stations that offer consumers a choice and carry E85.

"The partnership between the ethanol industry and towns such as Albert Lea has paid off in quality jobs, economic vitality and community pride," said Toni Nuernberg, executive director of EPIC. "We are proud to play a role in this effort."

Ethanol is having a positive economic impact at the pump. According to recent studies by Merrill Lynch and Iowa State University, ethanol is saving the average American family approximately $500 per year at the pump and the savings is even greater for those using E85.

About EPIC

The Ethanol Promotion and Information Council is a nonprofit organization of ethanol producers and industry leaders who have come together to spread the word about the benefits of ethanol through information and promotional programs. To learn more about ethanol, visit http://www.drivingethanol.org/. Need a biofuels expert? Visit http://experts.drivingethanol.org/

About POET

POET, the largest ethanol producer in the world according to the Renewable Fuels Association, is an established leader in the biorefining industry through project development, design and construction, research and development, plant management, and marketing. The 20-year old company currently operates 25 production facilities in the United States with one more under construction. The company produces and markets more than 1.47 billion gallons of ethanol annually. For more information, go to http://www.poet.com/.

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