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Ford has said in the past that it wasn't looking to bring its lovable little Ka subcompact to the United States, but increased demand for fuel efficient transportation has the Dearborn-based automaker rethinking its plans. The Ka is very popular in Europe, where fuel-sipping cars have long been accepted, but the tiny Ka has never been sold here in the States. The new Ka, which was shown off in Paris last week, carries Ford's European Kinetic Design theme that is shared with the larger Fiesta and Focus, but in a much smaller package.

Ford CEO Alan Mulally told a local Detroit radio station this morning that many within Ford Motor Company would like to bring the Ka across the pond, and that executives are reassessing the situation. The new Ka hits European showrooms in early 2009, and even if the Ka does come here, we likely won't see the sub-compact until 2011 at the earliest. With fuel prices in constant flux, we're guessing MPG-conscious customers will make the Ka a safe bet for Ford in the U.S.

[Source: Detroit News]

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