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It's been well documented that we Americans have been growing larger, and if the auto manufacturers thinking of bringing their small cars Stateside follow through, we're going to feel like giants. Toyota and Audi are the latest automakers discussing whether to bring smaller transportation for us portly Americans. Audi, who didn't design the A1 concept for US duty, now believes it's a good idea to rethink its original strategy. Audi marketing boss Peter Schwarzenbauer thinks US customers have made a real shift towards smaller cars and trucks, and that the movement has staying power. Audi brass has made no decisions regarding the A1 in the US, but the fact that they're genuinely looking into the matter is a good thing.

Toyota's cleverly packaged iQ is also being considered for sales in the US. A company insider told Automotive News that Toyota was looking into the viability of the iQ in the US. The sharp looking micro car goes on sale in Europe beginning in early 2009, and we wouldn't be surprised if it arrived Stateside some time after that.

[Source: Automotive News subs req'd]

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