This week, Detroit got its $25B bailout loan approved by Washington, and according to The Wall Street Journal, European carmakers are making like this is a game of "Simon Says." The Journal reports that Fiat has proposed the idea of hitting up the European Commission for €40 billion ($55B USD) to help the European auto industry make the move to cleaner, greener cars ahead of the strict new emissions regulations currently being bandied about. Like we said, this rationale is very similar to the one Motown used to get its money.
Fiat's grand idea was presented to other automakers at the ACEA meeting on Friday, and according to a spokesman for the automaker, "All European carmakers agree on the [€40 billion] demand." What a shocker. Said demand hasn't been formally made to EC bigwigs yet, but the lobbying is obviously well underway.

[Source: The Wall Street Journal]

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