PigTones offering Yoda, Terminator and Stewie nav voices

"Left at the next exit you will turn," or so we imagine none other than Jedi Master Yoda telling us as we attempt to pilot our land speeders toward some unknown destination. You can now download Yoda as the voice of your TomTom or Garmin GPS unit courtesy of a company named PigTones and a fee of $12.97. Not a Star Wars fan? Well, you should be (at least of the original trilogy). There's always the Terminator. On second thought, who wants to be told to make a legal U-turn by the governor of California? That leaves Stewie from The Family Guy. He's the megolomaniacal infant that's hell bent on killing his mother, Lois. There are others to choose from too, some raunchier than others. Click here for the full list. Thanks for the tip, yash!

[Source: PIGtones via The Earth Times]

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