When last we visited Neil Young's LincVolt project the car and crew had managed to survive some early road testing. That was at the beginning of June so you may be forgiven if you think that four months later the car should be ready to go with nothing standing between it and the open road but a good coat of wax. Obviously the mind of a rock genius has its own ideas about time and such and so there is yet work to be done before the car makes its road trip debut. However, that is not to say that there hasn't been any progress. There has been, and in a video address, Neil gives the world the latest news on the development of the car.

Among the highlights is the arrival of an old gas engine from Australia. Why they decided to ship a used engine all the way from Australia to perform as a range extender in the '59 Lincoln Continental was not revealed but they do address some of the red tape encountered in the shipping. Another piece of progress was made with Paul Perrone of Perrone Robotics installing all the sensors that will supply to the world via internet, every possible bit of data relevant to the LincVolt as it rolls down the highway such as current speed and altitude. Besides being able to see the road ahead, sound and vision of the interior will also be available on the LincVolt website which is set to undergo a dramatic change to bring you a mix of telemetry and rolling reality show. In the meantime, the site has a webcam to allow us all to see what's going on with the car now. Hit the jump for video of the state of the LincVolt address.

[Source: YouTube / LincVolt]

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