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To anyone who's spent any time in the vast desert stretches of the southwestern United States, lifted and stretched Pink Jeeps are likely a familiar sight. The company has been around for nearly 50 years taking passengers across very rough stretches of land where pavement is but a distant memory. Ask anybody what it's like to ride for a few hours in a highly-modified Jeep Wrangler and you could hear a few shocking expletives. So, when Pink Jeep Tours needed another vehicle that was capable of moving lots of people and gear over great distances, a Jeep didn't quite seem to fit.

So, how do you out-Jeep a Jeep? You don't, but you can always try a Dodge Ram 3500 with its 6.7-liter Cummins turbo-diesel engine. To make it resemble one of its Jeeps, Pink Jeeps hired Prefix Corporation to add a classic seven-slot grille -- completely approved and licensed by Chrysler no less -- along with the requisite Pepto-like hue. A lift-kit, air suspension, 35-inch tires and a luxurious (by Wrangler standards anyway) interior with reclining leather captains chairs, 15-inch LCD screens with DVD players, and foam insulated side walls to keep the cool air inside completed the transformation. Jeep purists need not worry, there's still no better way to explore the outdoors than in an open-air Wrangler, but when a bit more comfort is needed, you can always slap a slotted-grille on a Ram.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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