What better way to launch a new transportation product than to take it on a long trip with some sweet scenic vistas. In the case of the Zuumer (rhymes with boomer) from ZuumCraft, the journey being undertaken is a week long and covers a distance of 600 miles from San Francisco to San Diego along the beautiful California coast. The three-wheel electric ultralight scooter is powered by a removable lithium ion battery and employees a double-forked steering column with a low center of gravity that not only keeps it stable in the turns but also highly maneuverable. The rear axles seem to have some funky tilting action going on that contributes to its ability to carve your way along like a skateboard. Of course its also perfectly fine for going in a straight line and can do so for around 25 miles on a charge.

While the trip, along with your chance to try it out, ends this Friday, the company has lots of videos of the Zuumer in action. The first batch of 150 units arrives in January and the company is accepting deposits now. Total price tag is in the neighborhood of $2,000 which is a lot less than its Segway competition and won't make you look like a total dork (sorry Segwayers). Hit the jump for a couple videos of some Zuumer carving-it-up action.

[Source: CleanTech / ZuumCraft]

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