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Two Wheels
Works Electric B14 takes stand up scootering off road [w/video]

The new B14 stand up scooter from Works Electric is an off-road blast.

Acton spins the Kickstarter wheel again with M Scooter [w/video]

It's a small niche that's home to a wide variety of vehicles, but if it's innovative enough, there just might be room for one more. The M Scooter from Acton is the latest personal electric transporter (PET) to get our attention. Designed to tackle "the last mile" of the commute, local errands, or campus – be it corporate or collegiate, this latest stand up scooter has a few neat tricks up its minimalist sleeve.

Two Wheels
Works Electric Rover is a stand-up commuter scooter [w/videos]

Stand-up scooters just got real – real awesome! The Rover from Works Electric takes the basic stand-up-scooter formula and adds style, speed, and more than a teaspoon of geek sweetness to make a strong argument for a new two-wheeled urban commuting tool. No, really! Hear us out.

New Go-Ped high performance stealth scooter could fight crime, traffic

Improved Go-Ped Hoverboard – Click above to watch video Domenick Yoney

ZoomiLife drives the Zuumer, loves it, buys it!

A couple of weeks ago we were telling you about the 600-mile inaugural run of the Zuumer from ZuumCraft. While it's one thing to have a company representative talk about their product, it's often more illuminating to hear a review from an unassociated party and so we bring you news of a test drive from the ZoomiL

VIDEO: ZuumQuest '08 = 600 miles of standing room only

What better way to launch a new transportation product than to take it on a long trip with some sweet scenic vistas. In the case of the Zuumer (rhymes with boomer) from ZuumCraft, the journey being undertaken is a week long and covers a distance of 600 miles from San Francisco to San Diego along the beautiful California coast. The three-wheel electric ultralight scooter is powered by a removable lithium ion battery and employees a double-forked ste