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The Autoblog staff probably spends way too much time thinking about cars, and sometimes we find ourselves doing goofy things, as well. We can say that we've never fooled around with triggering air bags, but we're sure there are a few of you out there who have. One such person wanted to see what would happen if he hooked up a steering wheel air bag to a lead acid battery and set it off... while it was sealed inside a home appliance. Luckily for us those thoughtful farmers/junk car collectors caught the action on tape, and it's explosive to say the least.

The first air bag to find it's way into the refrigerator freezer is from an old Saturn, and since the airbag is larger than the confined space within the freezer, we weren't surprised that the door swung open violently. Next up the bat was an older Ford air bag, and we'd rather you saw the ridiculous results than have us explain them to you. Hit the jump to watch a late model Kenmore go nuclear. It's worth your time. For those of you unwilling to sit through the nearly six minutes of painful commentary, the Saturn goes off at about 1:50, and the Ford sends a Bud Light can into orbit at about 3:50. WARNING: There are some colorful words thrown around when the cameraman burns himself on the spent airbag.

[Source: YouTube]

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