Kia is said to be set to show off a hybrid version of its cee'd hatchback, which is available in many countries that are not named the United States. This isn't the first hybrid that the Korean automaker has developed; the hybrid Rio gets that honor. In the past, Kia officials have indicated that it will unveil a hybrid Elantra for its home market sometime in 2009. Following a year later will be a hybrid version of its Sonata mid-sizer, which we are expected to see at the upcoming L.A. Auto Show later this year.

So far, we don't have many details on the cee'd hybrid, though some are saying it will be a production model for Europe by 2010 after being shown at the Paris Motor Show next month. The car will apparently sport a gasoline engine underhood to go along with whatever hybrid system the automaker is using. We like the look of the interior (pic available at the source link), with its digital-look gauges and what appears to be some sort of "eco-gauge" at the far right. More details when we get them. Thanks for the tip, Miha.

[Source: Kia-World]

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