Report: Volkswagen to unveil new GTI in Paris

Every time Porsche re-does its core product – the 911 – we anticipate a staggered roll-out of new derivatives. Now that Porsche has Volkswagen by the reins, we can expect VW to undertake the same as it unveils new versions of its core offering, known here as the Rabbit and elsewhere as the Golf, now out in the open in its sixth iteration. Short of a new R32, enthusiasts are undoubtedly looking forward most to the new GTI. And if the latest reports are any indication, Volkswagen won't be keeping its fans waiting any longer as the MkVI GTI is tipped to be unveiled next week at the Paris show. Of course we'll be on hand to see if that's the case, so stay tuned, sports(car) fans.

[Source: CarScoop]

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