Rumormill: BMW preparing Z2 roadster based on 1 Series

BMW 1 Series cabrio: click above to view in high resolution

Ever since the Z4 went bigger, rumors have been circulating that BMW is considering building a smaller Z2 roadster. The time may be ripe now for the Bavarian automaker to introduce a compact sportscar based on the underpinnings from the 1 Series.

Reports suggest it would likely have a folding soft top instead of a collapsible tin roof like the upcoming Z4 replacement and a small trunk capable of swallowing just a weekend bag. Sources also hint that the Z2 would come exclusively with four-cylinder power, which could discourage BMW from bringing the vehicle to the United States where the assumption is that customers are not prepared to pay for premium cars with four-bangers. However, the development of new four-cylinder turbos potentially destined for American shores could make the Z2 a reality. Still, with the 1 Series cabrio available with the twin-turbo six, the Z2 could have its legs cut out from under it before it even materializes.

[Source: Autozeitung via Motor Authority]

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