Top Gear drives three Veyrons in Abu Dhabi

You might think that owning a single Bugatti Veyron would be enough. But one collector in the Netherlands already owns two, and he's setting his sights on another. And not just any other, but the very last of the 300 being made.

Harrie van de Moesdijk already owns a blue Veyron and a white one, and wants the final one painted red and delivered to his garage to make a red, white and blue tricolor – the colors of the Dutch flag, to say nothing of the United States, France and the myriad other countries that use the combination on their national banners. Moesdijk (yeah, don't ask us how to pronounce that, either) might have a hard time securing that final Veyron, though, as it will surely command a premium over the already seven-figure price of the super-exotic hyper-car.

[Source: AutoTelegraaf via Motor Authority]

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