Our favorite British electric-car vlogger, Danny Fleet, came to America recently whilst on holiday and had the opportunity to not only see the Tango from Commuter Cars up close but also go for a ride. As is his wont, he took his video camera along and now we can all have a small taste of how it feels to ride in the very narrow, very fast electric two seater. The star of this video was last seen by us parked outside of Buck's Restaurant with a Founders' Series Tesla Roadster and the Wrightspeed X1 and is owned by a guy named Jorg.

As Danny films from the back seat he peppers Jorg with questions, "Does it feel completely stable all the time...? How fast, how far?" Jorg patiently answers every question and provides insights only an owner might be privy to. Riding along we discovered this car is not always silent, as electric cars are often described as being. When accelerating from a dead stop the sound of the motor reminds us of a World War II air-raid siren though when traveling on the highway and the driver puts his foot into it, the sound is more like a jet engine. So what does Danny think about the odd-looking speedster? While whipping through the traffic, he exclaims, "I love this thing! It's brilliant!" Check out the brilliance of the Tango for yourself (in two parts) after the break.

[Source: Danny's Contentment]

The Tango. A trip. Part 1.

The Tango. A trip. Part 2.

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